What is traffic of the city?

If you are an active user of the global web and spend a lot of time on the Internet, then most likely you have repeatedly faced with such a concept as traffic. But what is it - do not everyone know, unfortunately. The very word Traffic - has the English-speaking origin Traffic - in translation for the great and mighty means "movement", "transportation", "transport" - in its original sense, denoted the volume of traffic vehicles through a specific node per unit time.

Later the term "traffic" was transferred to digital technologies. It all began with mobile communication, where the concept of mobile traffic appeared, which implies the number of seconds or minutes of cellular communication that a subscriber of a telecom operator consumes. Then came the turn to the segment of network and Internet technologies, here traffic is the amount of information transmitted over the network for a certain time. And, depending on the object for which it is counted, it can be information that passed both through a certain node (server) and through entire network segments.